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Forklift Drivers

Singapore, South West, SingaporeOperations

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Do you require the employer to apply a working pass in Singapore for you?
Have you completed your COVID-19 booster vaccination? ( to submit proof upon joining ) ?
Have you ever worked in Jurong Island?
Have you been rejected for Jurong Island pass?
Are you comfortable to travel to / fro work in Jurong Island?
Are you prepared to work in hot & humid environment? (including outdoor, if required)
Are you comfortable to work without overtime during training period? (up to 3 months)
Have you ever worked in 24x7 rotating shift?
Are you comfortable and willing to work in 24x7 ( day / night ) rotating shift?
Are you willing to work overtime on rest / off day?
Are you able to carry / lift heavy ( 25kg ) products?
Do you have any physical limitation in carrying 25kg bags of products, if you have not done so in your previous jobs?
Are you comfortable to work on a platform that is about 4 to 5 meters above ground ( with safety harness )?
Do you have a valid forklift license?
Have you used any electronic devices such as tablets, scanners, etc. in the course of your work before?
Have you donned on any personal protective equipment ( PPE ) before?
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